Workshop: Ethics of Blockchain

University of Reading, UK – 17th December 2019 

Research Workshop hosted by the Critical-Chains Consortium

Workshop goals:
Beyond all the hype and hope, Blockchain-based solutions in various application domains, ranging from financial services to complex supply chain management, give rise to a number of ethical, legal and social acceptability issues. These concerns arise from possible consequences of large-scale deployment of Blockchain which may expose the world to security, privacy, integrity and sustainability risks and possibly criminal and oppressive conduct that would otherwise be countered by mediating authorities.

The proposed workshop is an open research clustering event led by the Critical-Chains Consortium in the context of its Research and Innovation objectives which are envisioned by:

A novel triangular accountability model and integrated framework supporting accountable, effective, accessible, fast, secure and privacy-preserving financial contracts and transactions to protect against illicit transactions, illegal money trafficking and fraud on FinTech e-operations.

Horizon 2020 Research Project

Critical-Chains is a large-scale Research and Innovation project supported by the European Commission Horizon 2020 Programme and coordinated by Prof. Atta Badii at the University of Reading.  It represents an inclusive chemistry of stakeholders with financial, scientific and technological expertise to deliver a cloud-based “X-as-a-Service” solution stack of several innovative layers to support optimal Blockchain deployment with security, integrity and ethical safeguards.

The Workshop is scheduled to take place on 17th December at the Park Campus, University of Reading.

It will include a flexible programme of position papers, discussants and panel- mediated consolidation of insights and priority research objectives.

Participation is free and open to all to contribute either as members of audience or as presenters /discussants/panel members as appropriate. Any presentations and/or discussion papers are welcome and should be emailed to the Consortium via atta.badii@reading.ac.uk by 9thDecember 2019.


Photo by Rubén Bagüés on Unsplash