Why Crypto Currencies are a Valid Alternative in Emerging Markets

How you view a new currency, the benefits and the risks, depends mostly on how reliable the the banking and government is in your area. If it is very stable then crypto currencies do look a bit like the Wild West. If banks (and government) is very unreliable and unpretictable, then the switch to crypto currency is more easily considered. 

This observation (and more details on why and how) are the core of a column published on Coindesk. The article is worth reading. Because here a key force of innovation is looked at: The necessity. 

New systems always have issues at the beginning. But whether this is a reason to avoid those depends on the circumstances. The article Leigh Cuen (Twitter) provides examples on why adoption of crypto payments is attractive, for example in Lebanon. The country is experiencing an economic crisis, primarily driven by a distrust in the banking system. 

The first published article provides some views from the Middle East. Two more will follow.

Photo by Maxime Guy on Unsplash