Blockchain opens the door to new technological, social and economic approaches, which can lead to novel applications and business models. This background has shaped Bloomen’s research perspective, with the goal to develop and test Blockchain technology solutions in the context of three media use cases and business models.

Digital Content

Today, digital content is the backbone of the media and creative industry, including music, video, audio, news, images or photos. While fast growing digital markets have opened many opportunities for creators, media companies and consumers, the existing transaction and management workflows are now increasingly burdened with problems. From too complex rights management and legal risks to unfair payment of creators or limited access to unique and premium-level content. The Bloomen project focuses its activities on these challenges, applied to three types of media content and related sectors: Music, Photos and Videos. During the project Bloomen explores issues such as

  • better copyright protection and rights management
  • fairer, more dynamic and transparent payments
  • more efficient contracts and processes
  • new, collaborative content marketplaces, and
  • decentralised stakeholder connections.

Facilitate integration

Bloomen will provide a set of novel technology components, which have been tested in an integrated system – with a view to facilitate the integration of Blockchain into diverse business solutions related to digital content and copyright management. This vision is realised by offering a single, general purpose API, which hides the overall complexity of the Bloomen architecture. All functionalities will be exposed through this API for ease of realisation by non-expert developers for any type of business need or use case pilot.

Key Innovations

Key innovations delivered by the project include

  • An integrated Bloomen Blockchain system for media pilot applications
  • A Blockchain framework with an Alastria/Quorum deployment approach
  • Smart Contract templates for the media industry
  • Anonymity, data privacy and personalisation Services
  • A mobile wallet app client
  • The Kendraio App for media item tagging and IPR management
  • The Bloomen Music Application and business model (Claims Resolution)
  • The Bloomen Photo Application and business model (News Journalism)
  • The Bloomen Video Application and business model (Streaming TV).