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Can Blockchain Improve OTT Media Services?

The streaming television industry is characterised by monopolistic structures, frequent hacker attacks, high costs for due diligence and counterparty risks. Smaller national broadcasters with Over-The-Top (OTT) media services face additional challenges: from the difficulty of acquiring copyrighted materials and expensive VOD systems, to GDPR challenges, high transaction costs and geo-blocking issues.

Decentralised OTT Media Systems

The Bloomen WebTV pilot aims to overcome these problems by developing a decentralised OTT Media System. This enables film producers to distribute directly to consumers and achieve automated compensation – after the actual consumption of media items – for all those stakeholders that participated in the production. The pilot explores the following anticipated benefits:

  • Consumer Security: Streaming system integration with a mobile wallet
  • Consumer Data Privacy: No data sharing with provider; no hidden conditions
  • Monetisation: Tokenisation of assets enables pay-per-view microtransactions
  • Fairness: reliable and fast payment for content creators and rights holders

Content on Demand

The primary business target group are smaller broadcasting organisations and television production companies that wish to run or be in involved in viable OTT Media Services. They might adopt a solution like Bloomen WebTV in order to make the provision of such services more feasible in the long term. In addition, the use case targets consumers who do not wish to pay for multiple expensive OTT-Packages in order to receive a diverse set of content on an on-demand basis.

The Bloomen WebTV Application in the Mobile Wallet App covers the following core functions for end-users consuming streaming video items on a pay-per-view basis:

  • Acquisition of Tokens via Prepay-Card
  • Credit Management
  • Purchase of video item
  • Playing video item in the device

Bloomen WebTV Pilot (Screenshot, mid 2019)

This pilot is run by Antenna, a free-to-air national television and radio broadcaster in Cyprus, which offers video content across all platforms.

Photo by KAL VISUALS on Unsplash