Kendraio App: A framework for dashboards and admin interfaces

Can a complex technology like Blockchain improve content workflows in the media industry and support better compensation for creators? This was the main question the Bloomen Project aimed to answer. Kendraio approached the project with yet another question: How can we empower creatives to manage their assets and rights in an efficient way, so they have more time to focus on their art?

What is Kendraio App?

Kendraio is a nonprofit interoperability advocacy initiative that is a consortium partner in the Bloomen project. Kendraio App was developed to investigate how the transformative benefits of interoperability can improve existing processes – and to demonstrate how they can impact business, personal and public life.

Kendraio App is an open-source dashboard application for music/media creators and copyright owners.

Its goal is to provide a generalised rights system for music and creative works, where professionals can manage and track their digital media assets and associated credit/rights metadata and provide easier and faster administration of metadata and assets on remote services.


Results from Bloomen

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Workflows created within Kendraio App were used as admin interfaces for the Bloomen API and, most extensively, Bloomen Music. Because of its configuration-driven approach, the app allows for quick and easy creation, adjustments, and fixes of Flows.

Key Features

Kendraio App’s key features can be summarised as follows:

  • bi-directional integration with APIs
  • building a dashboard for integrated APIs
  • configuration-driven development
  • building workflows using multiple services
  • sharing Flows with your team
  • importing data from multiple data sources
  • combining data sources
  • verifying, displaying, and analysing data

Empowering creatives with Kendraio App

Today, the journey of a song from its inception to its release is a long one. It’s a path paved with many legal battles, systemic inefficiencies, barriers to entry, hidden agendas and siloed information.

While it’s difficult for a lot of professionals in the industry to navigate, it’s almost impossible for musicians. To make matters worse, many of these problems and inefficiencies lie in the management of rights and the distribution of royalties, and therefore an artist’s livelihood.

The Bloomen Music use case, run by BMAT, focuses on core functions to do with these issues: user and member management, submission of requests, repertoire and claims management.

Kendraio App and its admin interface, which is used in the Bloomen project, allows for

  • more flexibility in creating and managing workflows
  • combining different services into one workflow
  • customising a dashboard and
  • collecting all of these different services and workflows in one dashboard app.

For artists and professionals in the creative industries, this not only means increased flexibility, perspective and control  – it helps them achieve a better balance between the time spent creating and the time spent registering and managing their rights and assets to ensure their income.

What is the status of the application?

Kendraio App is currently in early-stage development. It is being developed iteratively in regular dialogue with current and new partners, developing and improving the app continuously with each new piece of feedback and each new integration. Many of the developments have come about thanks to Mike Large from Real World, Turo Pekari from Teosto, and our Bloomen partners BMAT, with special thanks to Gonçal Calvo, and ATC, who built and maintain the Bloomen API.

Contact us

We are always looking for opportunities to engage in meaningful dialogue with people and organisations within the music industry and beyond. We are looking for forward-thinking people to help us bridge gaps and improve processes in the existing system. If this sounds like you, please send an email to info (at) kendra (dot) io.

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