Publica: Self-publishing based on Blockchain

Publica aims to become a source to finance, distribute and sell books. It addresses the (evolving) options for self-publishing, but in connection with blockchain protocols. Which means that – in theory – an author with an idea for a book could utilize this platform first for funding (by finding people willing to provide initial money), then creating, finally distributing and selling his work.

While the idea of more options, more freedom for book publishing will appeal to many, the platform has yet to show that the idea will work. Book writing is a complex process, where editors might often “save” the work by helping authors to overcome blocks. The key argument from proponents of self-publishing would, of course, be that to get the support you can work with people who are close to you but without having to give away a large portion of your rights and potential revenue.

The company has completed an ICO (initial coin offering), meaning that they financed the project by selling virtual currency to initial backers.

Publica’s operational protocol layer is built in Solidity and uses Ethereum network computing power.


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