Playing With The Chain: Ubisoft works with Start-up Ultra for In-Game Asset Creation and Transfer

Game developer Ubisoft now works with Ultra, a crypto startup. Using blockchain technology Ultra will enable in-game asset creation and ownership tranfers,  creating a marketplace in games. The goal is to enable developers to create new features and to place “power back into the hands of developers and players” (Quote from Nicolas Gilot, co-CEO Ultra, via Venture Beat).

Ultra aims to enable a new way for video game distribution and claims that current heavy-weights in this market such as Steam are “monopolistic”. Ultra was founded 2017. The goal of the company is to enable a new game distribution platform, based on blockchain, crypto assets and other features such as verification, etc.

The graphic below shows a key principle how Ultra wants to achieve these goals, using a system of referals.

Source: Ultra



Venture Beat