MiPasa: Blockchain-company Hacera Collects Corona Data in Open Source Platform 

Collecting data is a multi-step process. Each step can be a challenge, not so much because of the volume of data, but because of the data structure.

Only after multiple steps data can be cleaned, duplicates can be found and data points verified. A number of elements of this process  can be enhanced by using Blockchain tech, but the process must be diligent.

Early examples of Blockchain applications

Global aid and relief organizations were among early users of Blockchain technology. One  example was the storage and retrieval of biometric data for people getting food in a refugee camp in Jordan. There the solution helped to verify identities of people who lost their papers because of having to flee from their homes.

Global collection of health data

Now the collection of Corona-related data might be another area of application. There is a need to collect key data about infected, recovered and deceased patients. Such data is often disparate from source to source, depending on a number of factors. How the data is collected, who is counted, wether the data is collected only on weekdays or on weekends too, and so on. 

This is were “MiPasa” aims to provide a solution. The platform is an open data offering designed to collect, validate and verify disparate data about Corona virus/Covid-19 from sources around the world. MiPasa was introduced late March by Hacera, a Blockchain-company based in San Francisco. The company has IBM and Microsoft among its partners, though it is not entirely clear to what extend the effort is actively supported by these larger tech companies. 

Open Source Platform

Quote: “MiPasa is utilizing data analytics and privacy tools that were previously only available to elite financial institutions and adapted them for a public health context. This new data streaming platform uses IBM Blockchain Platform and IBM Cloud. MiPasa is designed to make it possible to synthesize data sources, address their inconsistencies, help identify errors or misreporting and seamlessly integrate credible new feeds.”

There is more: In some countries authorities started talking about tracking concepts, in order to contain the spread of the virus. But such efforts are seen critically by others, because of  privacy of individuals. Here, a platform like MiPasa could help: Data can be collected, secured, but without a need to access any health or otherwise sensitive data stores elsewhere. 

On the MiPasa-Website a form can be used by sources to actively take part in the collection process. There is no clear indication at this moment wether many sources take part right now.


Hacera: MiPasa Project description and press release

MiPasa Homepage

Photo by Henrik Dønnestad on Unsplash