It’s All About Convergence in the EU: Global Blockchain Congress, November 11-13, 2019 – Malaga

In the next five years Blockchain technologies are expected to converge with other trends, such as AI, Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data. Blockchains might enhance a number of other areas, too. Think finance, logistics, energy are obvious areas. In addition mobility in general and industry 4.0 will develop areas of Blockchain use. Bloomen, as one of the earliest EU-funded research projects on Blockchain will be present through our partner Worldline, represented by Blockchain expert Manuel Machado.

International attendance

The 2019 Blockchain conference in Malaga in mid-November promises to be a truly global event. Experts from India, Japan, North- and Latin-America as well as Europe are expected. The crowd will be a mix of start-ups, technologists academics and policy makers from around the world. 

Some excitement is surrounding the presence of hight ranking Facebook representativs for the Libra project. Other topics will include the options for central banks in accepting or blocking new solutions based on blockchain currencies. Another topic: The complex combination of GDPR, the privacy framework for the EU and the anonymity of crypto currencies, how could they be combined, if ever. 

In total more than 50 speakers have been confirmed, the list of companies attending includes Bank of Japan, the Bank of Brazil, the European Central Bank, the EIB, EBRD, The Worldbank Group, UNFCCC, OECD, World Economic Forum, the World Food Program.

Overview: Each of the three conference days has a different focus (Source: Blockchain conference)

In summary: The 2019 conference will provide three days of intense information exchange and many, many opportunties to extend the network of contacts for blockchain experts.