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Buy and Sell: German Project Demonstrates How To Decentralise Energy

Lition is an interesting and at first sight quite compelling project from Germany, which aims to connect buyers and producers in the energy market. Based on a blockchain infrastructure Lition enables buyers to get their energy directly from, e.g. from a local green energy plant. The project is in early stages, but claims to already have first clients across Germany. Lition, says it is already licensed as an energy supplier in the country. 

The approach is a thought-starter, specifically if you check out there demo app, which enables a look at how this energy exchange intents to work. By connecting buyers and producers directly Lition wants to reduce the costs for the buyer by as much as 20 per cent while helping (smaller) producers of energy to get up to 30% more revenue.   


Demo App (in German, but comprehensible)

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