Bloomen@Decentralized 2018 in Athens

Two talks presented by consortium members from Bloomen – taking part in one of the biggest European blockchain conferences this year in Athens. 

Manuel Machado and Antonis Litke had not just one, but several things in common this Thursday in Athens. Both are members of the Bloomen project, both talked about aspects of how blockchain can be utilised to manage creative assets at the conference – focusing on different aspects:

  • Manuel Machado, from Worldline, provided an overview of the goals of Bloomen with regard to managing creative assets such as music, photos or video based on specific blockchain stacks.
  • Antonis Litke, from National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and research colleagues provided an overview of research findings – specifically “Anonymized personalization for distributed applications over blockchain”. 

Some background
This second iteration of the conference held in Athens was organised by the University of Nicosia (UNIC), from Cyprus, a follow up to the premiere in 2017. 






  • UNIC can claim to be one of the early academic hubs of know-how for crypto currencies.
  • The university offered a first online training course for students already in 2014, when many had not even heard of crypto-currencies or blockchain.
  • Taught by Andreas Antonopoulos (@aantonop) and Antonis Polemitis (@polemitis) the course (“Introduction to Digital Currencies”) reached 18.500 students from 80 countries.
  • The university has by now moved on to offer an MSc in Digital Currency, the first academic degree program in this field worldwide.

Andreas Antonopoulos recently published an overview article putting the development of crypto currencies in perspective:

Photo Credit: Michalis Odysseos