Bloomen presented at Blockchain Summit, Frankfurt

Blockchain Summit Frankfurt is a major European Blockchain and distributed ledger event, with a focus on use the new technology primarily in business and finance.

The one-day commercial event entailed a multi-track conference with around 30 speakers. There was an additional exhibition where blockchain technology and solution companies exhibited products and services. It was attended by around 500 attendees from diverse industry sectors. The Blockchain summit is sponsored by major industry players and start-up partners.

The conference adresssed four topical areas (Enterprise, Government, Developer and Investor), highlighting challenges and opportunities. The event is part of a series, with sister events in London, Honk Kong, Dubai and Singapore.

The Bloomen project was represented in the “Enterprise” topic area by Birgit Gray from Deutsche Welle with a presentation “Exploring Blockchain in Media: The Bloomen Project” and an additional presence of Birgit Gray on a Panel titled “Redefining Trust in the Digital Age: Building Customer Relationships with Blockchain”.

In addition, she conducted networking activities during the day, mainly with exhibitors interested in
Bloomen and the use of Blockchain in the media and creative industries. The main goal of Bloomen’s participation was to create general awareness for the Bloomen Project, its technology and use cases.

The presentation gave an overview of these topics, with additional information on the demonstrator for the Bloomen Photo application, which is managed by Deutsche Welle. The panel contribution focused on future business relationships that DW might be able to forge with photographers as a result of using blockchain technology developed in the Bloomen project.

During the conference DW was able to explain the Bloomen project to several participants and answer questions following the presentation.