Bloomen Media Use Case Presented at IFRRO World Congress

In October 2018 Stratos Tzoannos from Athens Technology Center (ATC) made a 20-min presentation about the impact of Bloomen in the media and creative industry at the IFRRO World Congress in Athens.

Blockchain for media asset management

His talk focused on the Bloomen project. Here, ATC is the technical partner working on new media management applications using blockchain technologies for news content and specifically photos. The goal is to create a new connection between the creator/photographer and the media organisation. Main technical goals are to use blockchain technology for identification and asset management combined with smart contracts for less administration.

About the event

The presentation resulted in very positive feedback from the attendees and the organizers of the event, the IFRRO World Congress (IWC) 2018. IFRRO’s mission is to develop and support an efficient and effective network of collective management organisations around the world, including RROs, to ensure the copyrights of authors, visual artists and publishers are respected when their works are reproduced and used.

The annual world congress is a very important event for the federation with an audience of approximately 200 people, comprised of leaders of collective management organisations from more than 50 countries, government representatives and policy leaders, author and visual artist groups and other publishing and information industry

IFRRO World Congress (IWC)