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Bloomen Ideathon: Fresh Ideas for Blockchain Applications

As a technology Blockchain has been hyped as potentially disruptive, for many areas of business and life. A big question: What are ideas hon how to use such ideas in daily life? To find out the Bloomen Project organized an Ideathon interacting with the local community in January 2020.

Presentation at the Bloomen Ideathon

On the 23rd and 24th of January, academics, professionals and individuals from the community gathered at the Bloomen Blockchain and Media IDEAthon at the Semeli Hotel, Nicosia, Cyprus, which was organised by Bloomen and facilitated by ANTENNA.

The event was the second part of a series of community events which are part of the Bloomen research project. The scope of the event was to bring people together to present ideas around the topics of blockchain and media, particularly in terms of the activities of the Bloomen consortium. This gathering was an opportunity for the project members, too, to learn how others think and act regarding emerging Blockchain technologies.

An open space for new ideas

The two-day event was split in two parts. The first one incorporated presentations by the Bloomen consortium, regarding the use cases on copyrights management in Music, Photo and WebTV, the technical implementations as well as the more business oriented aspects and the Alastria blockchain environment that the consortium solutions are built on.

This session only lasted half a day to leave enough room for discussions, idea preparations, mentoring and pitch coaching. The second part was 1.5 day idea “marathon”, whereby groups were set up to create some ideas around the topics of blockchain and media. The event was based on an indicative timeline designed by Michalis Odysseos, digital developmentmanager of ANTENNA, who was also the coordinator of these sessions.

 The many facets of Blockchain applications

Bloomen Ideathon Prizes for best ideas

The ideas presented by the participants covered many different aspects of the blockchain and media industry, ranging from copyrights management to certifications of ownership and deep technical blockchain implementations.

Winners of the Bloomen Ideathon in Cyprus

There were a total of 5 pitches and an established judge panel to assess the presentations. A prize of €1,000 was awarded, as part of a sponsorship/support of the event by two important businesses that operate in Cyprus, namely Logicom Solutions and Oracle.

Reporting on local TV

The event, which was captured by the production department of ANTENNA for TV and digital coverage and dissemination, had an international flair as there were not just participants that are generally based in Cyprus, but also from the rest of Europe as all Bloomen partners were involved, as well as there was a team from Russia that happened to be in Cyprus at the time, as well as the support from a multinational company, Oracle, who deployed a business development executive to speak about real blockchain use cases in the enterprise. It is estimated that more than 100,000 people had the chance to see the TV and Digital broadcasts relevant to theevent. It is expected that the insights shared at the event but also the awareness that was created around it, will prove to be crucial to the progress of the Bloomen project.





 ANT1 Evening News – 23/01/2020: First day of the Bloomen Blockchain and Media IDEAthon (Greek). 

ANT1 Evening News – 24/01/2020: Second day of the Bloomen Blockchain and Media IDEAthon. This report included information about the pitches as wel as the prize winners. (Greek)

The copyrights for the productions were released by ANTENNA, for them to be available to be uploaded/shared by anyone online, without restricting playback or geolocation access.