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If You Lost Overview On Blockchain, This Interview Can Help 

Was 2019 a good or a bad year for crypto currencies and blockchain technology? The answer to that is not simple, given the many arenas of action.  Coindesk published an insightful article based on the views of  Nic Carter, investor at Castle Island Ventures. The article is part of the Coindesk 2019 review. This interview is […]

Focus on Creators: Photochain.io

The startup wants to create new options for creators and buyers of photos Initially started in 2017 Photochain.io uses Blockchain technology for the management of photos. Based on the technology the founders want to establish an alternative business model. On the one hand the platform wants to empower photographers. On the other hand the goal is […]


Workshop: Ethics of Blockchain

University of Reading, UK – 17th December 2019  Research Workshop hosted by the Critical-Chains Consortium Workshop goals: Beyond all the hype and hope, Blockchain-based solutions in various application domains, ranging from financial services to complex supply chain management, give rise to a number of ethical, legal and social acceptability issues. These concerns arise from possible consequences […]


Playing With The Chain: Ubisoft works with Start-up Ultra for In-Game Asset Creation and Transfer

Game developer Ubisoft now works with Ultra, a crypto startup. Using blockchain technology Ultra will enable in-game asset creation and ownership tranfers,  creating a marketplace in games. The goal is to enable developers to create new features and to place “power back into the hands of developers and players” (Quote from Nicolas Gilot, co-CEO Ultra, […]

The Rise of the Premium Internet

The re-erection of Paywalls This weekend in November 2019 The New York Times Magazine published a number of articles looking at what is “the internet” today. The topics covered the rise of Chinese super-apps and provided a perspective on the very big US tech companies and how they are dependent on each other in a […]

Bloomen presented at Infocom Cyprus 2019

Our project will be presented and discussed on November 5, 2019 in Cyprus at Infocom. Bloomen will be presented by Michalis Odysseos, Digital Development Manager for Antenna, a privately owned TV station in Cyprus. Antenna is a partner in the Bloomen project and manages the video use case. The session of Michalis Odysseos will be as […]


It’s All About Convergence in the EU: Global Blockchain Congress, November 11-13, 2019 – Malaga

In the next five years Blockchain technologies are expected to converge with other trends, such as AI, Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data. Blockchains might enhance a number of other areas, too. Think finance, logistics, energy are obvious areas. In addition mobility in general and industry 4.0 will develop areas of Blockchain use. Bloomen, as […]