If You Lost Overview On Blockchain, This Interview Can Help 

Was 2019 a good or a bad year for crypto currencies and blockchain technology? The answer to that is not simple, given the many arenas of action. 

Coindesk published an insightful article based on the views of  Nic Carter, investor at Castle Island Ventures. The article is part of the Coindesk 2019 review. This interview is worth your time. Carter provides valuable insights why and how current projects and approaches for Blockchain, Crypto and new offerings have fared so far and how they might evolve. 

The most interesting part is about potential future of how we organize information and the social interactions. Carter mentions “Urbit“, a project for a cloud-based “computer” entirely owned, operated and used by the owner, not a commercial platform. The website of Urbit is worth visiting – you’ll find a short description of an innovative approach to the future.


Coindesk: “Nic Carter on Quadriga, Libra and Other Suspect Projects”, December 10, 2019 


Photo by Launchpresso on Unsplash