Focus on Creators:

The startup wants to create new options for creators and buyers of photos

Initially started in 2017 uses Blockchain technology for the management of photos. Based on the technology the founders want to establish an alternative business model. On the one hand the platform wants to empower photographers. On the other hand the goal is to provide better options for agencies, news organisations and other types of photo buyers.

According to the website the founders of Photochain photographers, IT professionals, Cyber Security experts, and Technology company executives. Based on information provided by the company the founders formerly worked at organisations like Shutterstock, LinkedIn, eBay, PayPal. 

The project started in 2017. In 2019 added the option to use an API for integration of the platform. The public launch has been announced for Q4 2019. So far, the business case for the company is  described through interviews with photographers, who provide insights of their situation and why they are interested in 

Photo by Raju Miha on Unsplash