Mediablocks Newsletter #5: Big Companies Involved in Blockchain Projects

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Big Business Bullish for Blockchain

Forbes has published a list of 50 large companies with revenues of more than one billion who are involved in blockchain development and implementation.

  • What is interesting: The pain from complex workflows and the pressure for smooth daily operations of big business sectors open the door for blockchain technologies.
  • The hope: That the new technology can perform some recurring tasks faster, better and more secure.

The list provides interesting reading, with many examples given how large corporations want to implement blockchain. Forbes



Blockchain Round table early May in Cyprus

Organised by Bloomen-partner Antenna the project organises a first round-table for experts of Blockchain to exchange ideas, the status of development and other important aspects. If you happen to be in Cyprus on May 2 and would like to join the roundtable, please get in touch via We will report on the outcomes in one of our future newsletters.

Alastria: Bloomen Benefits from Spanish National Blockchain Project

Bloomen benefits from using support and platform services from Alastria, the national blockchain platform of companies from Spain. While other countries have similar plans, Alastria seems to be a few steps ahead already providing functional services. For example, sample transactions for the Bloomen photo use case are performed on a test account via Alastria.

Reaching out to photographers

For the Bloomen photo use case we currently prepare discussions with photographers, regarding their experiences, good and bad, in working with large media companies. We want to find out whether our assumptions regarding an easier, secure and fair exchange of photos and photo rights are on the right track.

The current focus is on photographers working in Africa. The reason for this: Photos from the African continent are at times hard to come by, because the wire services are no covering the entirety of all countries.



Help Others Understand What the Blockchain is

Because of the Bloomen members of our consortium frequently help others to better understand blockchain technology as a concept. The goal is simple: Helping people to understand why blockchain technology is considered an innovation with big potential for change in many areas.

Here are some resources to get started:

Simply Explained: How does a blockchain work?

Well narrated introduction about Blockchain technology. YouTube

Centre for International Governance Innovation: What is Blockchain? 

Provides good information to understand the potential use of Blockchain in many areas of business. YouTube

World Economic Forum: What Is Blockchain? (2016)

Good, yet slightly optimistic overview how Blockchain technology might change business. World Economic Forum

Coindesk: A Beginner’s Guide to Blockchain

The website which publishes daily updates has a dedicated area helping to understand the technology. The collection is detailed, extensive and works like a tutorial where most questions about Blockchain should be answered. Coindesk 


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