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Global Shipping and Blockchain: A Better Way to Handle Millions of Items

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Why using blockchain technologies for global shipping is relevant for creative content, too

According to a Reuters news update from January 16, 2018 IBM and A.P Moller-Maersk, the biggest container logistics company in the world, plan to develop a blockchain based platform to make global trade simpler.

A key driver to make the investment worthwhile is the potential to speed up logistics, around the globe.

Quote: “A shipment of refrigerated goods from East Africa to Europe can go through nearly 30 people and organizations and involve more than 200 different communications, according to Maersk. Documentation and bureaucracy can be as much as a fifth of the total cost of moving a container.”

The Bloomen perspective: At first sight global shipping does not have much in common with the handling of creative content, such as photos. Shipping handles physical products, creative content is mainly digital (by now).

But there is a connection, based on the sheer number of items being handled. A photo created by one photographer can be present via multiple official websites (e.g. Getty Photos), it can be replicated with or without asking if the usage is ok. And so on.

So, if there is progress made with blockchain based platforms to handle millions and billions of items through a novel, innovative system based on blockchain technologies, this would help. The sheer complexity of global trade is pretty close to the equally complex usage of creative content, such as photos, music or videos.

If you talk to insiders from creative companies today, they will mostly assume that getting to grips with actually every item is too complicated. Of course, motivation in global trade is a bit different: Physical goods can be traced and have a higher likeliness that if they get damaged, lost or stolen, there is a problem. But that should be the same for creative work.


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Credit: Photo by unsplash-logochuttersnap