Use Case: Web TV

A better economy for securing, distributing and accessing copyrighted content


Even after decades of developments in the digital sector, there is still a huge distinction between what and how things are done for television and online portals. The differences in budgets for the two types of media make interoperability almost impossible.

Bloomen can bridge the gap between all types of media content copyright holders and broadcasters, by eliminating friction in the collaboration, both at B2B and B2C levels.


In this use case, we tackle core issues shared among traditional means of business in the video media landscape. We look at how easily centralized databases can be hacked, how expensive is to conduct due diligence when making deals, how payment transactions can be intercepted as well as how personal data usually gets compromised.


Distribution of copyrighted content always involves a large number of third-party agents. Bloomen will use blockchain and a digital currency to improve this means of doing business by mainly focusing on the decentralization and peer-to-peer aspects.

With the same technology, we will address the current geographical diseconomies of scale, the speed of online & offline delivery of the content as well as promote a more structured and universal way of distribution.


In the age of digital citizenship, users are still missing on great content due to the centralized parts of content offerings. Because deals are being done independently between creators, distributors and platforms, in most of the occasions users in certain countries cannot enjoy content available elsewhere.

To add to this, high transaction costs by payment vendors and nonuniformity of available solutions are making it hard for the market to expand.

A separate wallet for media providers and consumers

Through the Bloomen wallet, users and business can have access to our tools on any device. The wallet will work for both B2C and B2B environments and the token can be easily transferrable instantly. The wallet will be platform-agnostic, meaning that it can be used for any platform, given that it adopts the token as a means of payment.

A proof-of-work blockchain

Miners of the token will have the opportunity to receive tokens so that they can stream content for just using a flexible power intensity module on their computers.

This use case will be managed by Bloomen partner Antenna

Photo by Jacob Morch on Unsplash