Use Case: Web TV

Better personalization for streaming content

Full title: Use case 3- Media content delivery through Web TV 

Tl;DR: Explore how blockchain technologies can be applied to TV, film and streaming content plaforms in general.

Photo by Jacob Morch on Unsplash

Introduction: Today we have a large new ecosystem of content platforms which are driving the new era of content creation and delivery. In order to reach the consumer in this ecosystem, there is a strong need to personalize content offerings to the individual users, or to target specific market segments. At the same time, personalization carries a risk of personal data exploitation and privacy violations.

Anonymized user preferences maintained in the blockchain

In this use case, the user preferences will be maintained in an anonymized way in the blockchain and the broadcaster or content provider will be able to retrieve this information in order to provide personalized content to the user upon his request.

The actual profile can be maintained on the user device while appropriate mechanisms based on publicly available (but anonymized) profile data, available on blockchain that allow for a filtering of content, so that the final filtering via profile can be done on the device.

A new approach to personalization

In this way personalization will be provided without disclosing the real identities or personal data of the users, while the access to the blockchain data will be a transparent, fully authorized and accountable transaction subject to the full authorization of the end user.

The specific use case will allow for a personalized User Experience in the consumption of WebTV content. Through a paywall implemented on top of blockchains, users can see on demand and streaming videos in a more dynamic way, rather than static subscription.

At the same time the content that they have paid for will be available in all devices that belong to the user. Once the user has paid for viewing the specific content, this payment transaction will be visible in the whole blockchain network. Thus the accessing of the user in the specific media content will be possible through all devices that the user has associated with him in the personal preferences.

Demonstrate WebTV content distribution using blockchain technology

The goal in this use case is to demonstrate how WebTV content (on demand and streaming) can be distributed using blockchain technology. At the core of this use case is a paywall for accessing the WebTV content whereby the user can pay with cryptocurrency and consume the content in a multitude of devices (from web streaming to thin clients on his smartphone).

Better recommendation of relevant content

Of particular interest is to have the history of transactions with the specific WebTV channel so that increased personalization can be applied to the recommendation of relevant content. At the same time privacy preservation methods will be explored so that the user can have access to the content without needing to disclose his identity. In this use case we want to demonstrate how special coverage and specific formats can be potentially charged for in new ways.

This use case will be managed by Bloomen partner Antenna