Bloomen Music Use Case

A new blockchain based, global music information database for rights management and claims


Photo by Jesse Darland on Unsplash

Introduction: In the Bloomen music use case, the music industry stakeholders provide their itemised content to a distributed ledger. This offers them a system that supports a decentralised, crowdsourced, auditable and traceable database, where the associated rights to the musical assets reside.

Improved efficiency and transparency

The Music Industry use case will result in a permissioned blockchain ecosystem, that registers all changes to a database containing the core metadata of musical assets (sound recordings – or master recordings – as well as their underlying musical works – or compositions), their associated rights and their interested parties. It aims at providing improved efficiency and transparency all along the value chain, involving music Rights Management, Claiming of Ownership of Musical Assets and Conflict Resolution.

Enabling users to register and correct their content

The Bloomen project will create a new blockchain based, global music information database for rights management and claims that engages all relevant stakeholders: CMOs, artists, performers, record labels, publishers and technology third parties. A blockchain entry will be introduced for each musical asset in the ledger.

There are two types of musical assets: Music Works and Sound Recordings. For each type, users will have several options to register the assets. Bloomen will also allow the users the option of adding unknown metadata related to the musical asset, or even correcting incorrect or incomplete information.

Easy access to ownership claiming

One of the key aspects of Bloomen is that users will easily have the ability to claim ownership for any musical asset registered in the blockchain. These claims will be public to all users so every actor claiming ownership of musical assets will be notified in case that other interested party would claim ownership for the same entities.

Bloomen will also permit the users to publicly link Music Works with Sound Recordings in a easy and traceable way.

Transparency in claiming conflicts

Bloomen blockchain information could be used as a trusted data source for the resolution of the conflicts that often arose between the multiple right owners of a musical asset.  

Open Source Dashboard application for rights owners, music makers,…

The Bloomen music use case will make use of the Kendraio App (provided by partner Kendraio).

It is an open source dashboard application for rights owners, music makers, managers and record labels, enabling management and tracking of productions, digital media assets, collaborations, rights, split negotiation, metadata conflict resolution, nested samples, sync requests, metadata, events, sales and reporting.

  • All this can be tightly integrated with social networks, CMOs (copyright management organisations) and online distribution points.
  • The system enables event, track and rights data syndication, and aggregation of online activity, media usage and sales reporting from multiple sources.
  • The application will be able to run locally on your laptop, smartphone or hosted in the cloud.
  • In the Kendraio App ecosystem all media (music/audio, video/film, images and text) have attached rights/ownership/usage attributes.
  • It is also vital that this system is interoperable with existing music distribution and copyright organisations and systems. Hence, the heavy use of external namespaces to identify media files in existing external systems (such as Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook,…).