Revelator Whitepaper

This short (4 pages) document aims to provide an initial understanding how blockchain technologies could help in managing music rights.

Quote: “This document describes an open source approach to managing and storing copyrights on a decentralized ledger. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology Revelator aims to pave the way for all participants in the music industry (whether an artist, label, publisher or streaming service) to access and use a public, trustless and highly secure database. By allowing open access to this information we can introduce a much needed transparency, allowing all parties to better manage and monetize the complex world of music copyrights. This document starts by describing the current problems in the fragmented world of music copyrights, then proceeds to introduce the notion of “blockchain technology” and demonstrate how it can alleviate much of the pain associated with this complexity. We also discuss scale issues and point to possible solutions.”