Workshop: Ethics of Blockchain

University of Reading, UK - 17th December 2019  Research Workshop hosted by the Critical-Chains Consortium Workshop goals: Beyond all the hype and hope, Blockchain-based solutions in various application domains, ranging from financial…

Playing With The Chain: Ubisoft works with Start-up Ultra for In-Game Asset Creation and Transfer

Game developer Ubisoft now works with Ultra, a crypto startup. Using blockchain technology Ultra will enable in-game asset creation and ownership tranfers,  creating a marketplace in games. The goal is to enable developers to create new features…

It's All About Convergence in the EU: Global Blockchain Congress, November 11-13, 2019 - Malaga

In the next five years Blockchain technologies are expected to converge with other trends, such as AI, Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data. Blockchains might enhance a number of other areas, too. Think finance, logistics, energy are obvious…

BLING: Research Project Mapping Use Cases for "Blockchain in Government"

How could Blockchains enable better services for society and individuals? The EU research project BLING (Blockchain IN Government) collects information about projects in the this particular field.  To get a better understanding we asked…
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The List: 60 Blockchain Platforms, Companies and Projects aimed to create or manage media content

There are currently many projects exploring how Blockchain Technology could be used for creative content & media platforms. Our list will be updated regularly. Every week we will be looking at some of the companies and report about the specific…

Blockchain standardization on a national level: What could work?

Notes from an exchange with Christiana Aristidou, Technology Lawyer, National Delegate in the International Standardisation Organisation (ISO), representing Cyprus Standards (CYS) in ISO TC 307 for Blockchain and Electronic Distributed Ledger…

Bloomen.io covered by El Mundo

The idea of managing creative assets using blockchain technology is still novel: Now, in Spain, "El Mundo" covered the project and the key ideas. The online version of the article can be found here: El Mundo (in Spanish)
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Presenting Bloomen & Blockchain Concepts to Cyprus Government

Blockchain technology and crypto currencies could have reaching implications - many of those innovative. In an information meeting Bloomen project partner Antenna discussed concepts and potential outcomes with the tax commissioner of Cyprus. The…
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Blocknify: Enabling Smart Contracts

Not all blockchain projects have to be super-complex. Sometimes aiming to do one thing really well can do the trick: Meet Blocknify, a start-up focused on enabling smart contracts, to reduce recurring work and to make workflows simpler. We asked…

Bloomen@Decentralized 2018 in Athens

Two talks presented by consortium members from Bloomen - taking part in one of the biggest European blockchain conferences this year in Athens.  Manuel Machado and Antonis Litke had not just one, but several things in common this Thursday…