We researched how Blockchain technology can be useful for music, video and photo. See results, get in touch.

Music, videos and photos are essential elements of communication. But the support systems around these media assets need an update. 

This is why the Bloomen research project (September 2017- August 2020) explored how Blockchain technology could be used for better management of digital media assets. 

At the same time Bloomen performed a reality check for the new technology options enabled by Blockchain. How far did we get? Find out: You can now see the Bloomen demonstrators for our three use cases & watch recordings from our Bloomen Week, a virtual event in May 2020. 

If digital asset management of photos, music and videos is relevant for you, get in touch with us, we are keen to share results and insights with other researchers, entrepreneurs or companies in this space. 

Quick overview:

For three years Bloomen explored the use of Blockchain technology for new and innovative ways to manage digital media assets. This was a productive project, with many relevant outcomes and three working demonstrators for music, video and photo. 

If you want to see the results, a quick way is to watch the video recordings from Bloomen Week (May 2020) where we presented the outcomes for an entire week.

Bloomen was co-funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme and co-ordinated by Wordline.

Get in touch via: info@bloomen.io.