Can a complex technology make life simpler for creative people?

Welcome to Bloomen, an EU-funded research project. The big question we aim to answer: How could blockchain technologies help to compensate creative people for their work?

Musicians, writers, photographers, film makers  – they all create the bits and pieces that  make information offerings relevant and interesting. Yet, where are the reliable platforms to compensate such work? In this project we want to explore future solutions – for rights management, for fair & secure compensation.

Yet, this won’t be simple. The concept of blockchains is in it’s early days. We witness a very fast, over-hyped development – with positive and negative effects. For blockchains to become widely accepted we need more knowledge, stability, reliability. And ultimately: Security and trust.

Bloomen has defined three use cases to work on: Music, media content and WebTV. We will investigate, develop and evaluate new software and platforms. The goal is to contribute to concepts which are beneficial for all stakeholders. We will post outcomes and results on this page, step by step.

Bloomen started in September 2017 and has a duration of 36 months.